Landlocked Zambia is an attractive country to visit because of its wonderful wildlife parks. Going on a safari in the South or North Luangwa National Park, whether by car or on foot, will give you the opportunity to see an unequalled abundance of wildlife. You may be lucky to observe a leopard hunting a phuku in front of your vehicle. Zambia has the most knowledgeable guides in the whole of Africa and visitors on safari are treated like kings.
Visit the small town of Livingstone and the mighty Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Take a bath in the Kapisha warm fountains. Zamibia has huge banana plantations and fields of sunflowers, cotton and maize.

POSSIBLE TOURS or a combination of the suggestions:

  • Livingstone - Victoria Falls
  • Houseboat on the Kariba Lake
  • South Zambesi National Park
  • South Luangwa or North Luangwa
  • Lusaka
  • Kapisha Hot Springs and Kafue
  • One may even combine the Caprivi with Zambia – many possible options.




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