Situated on the east coast of Africa, Tanzania invites the visitors with countless destinations and adventures. From Arusha National Park in the north you may spot the snow-capped summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya. Teeming with wildlife there is the Serengeti, but other parks are as appealing, for example the Ruaha National Park or the Turangi and Selouse National Parks. Swahili people with their red shrugs and richly decorated heads may intrigue the visitor. The trade capital of Dar es Salaam with its harbour is a bustling African city where many services are offered. This country is home to several millions of descendants from many nations because of its colourful historical past. Lake Victoria, the biggest lake in the world, is part of the Great Rift Valley where angling is a popular sport.

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There are so many different options in Tanzania that the interest must be mentioned to work out a tailor-made tour.




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